5 Questions with Get My Mom a Job

The founder of Get My Mom a Job, Michele Unangst, was our featured guest on the Women’s History Month spotlight on The Strategy Sessions radio show. She highlighted services offered by Get My Mom a Job, and shared tips for job seekers. We’re continuing the conversation with Ms. Unangst about her own career trajectory, skills every jobseeker should possess, and what drives her work at Get My Mom a Job.

5 Questions with Get My Mom a Job

Michele Unangst, Founder of Get My Mom a Job
Michele Unangst, Founder of Get My Mom a Job

ATS: What was your professional experience before starting Get My Mom a Job?

Michele Unangst: My professional experience, in particular, my Human Resources and Management experience, comes from a multitude of sectors: Healthcare, Retail, Marketing, and now being self-employed.  However, it is has been my direct services in hiring for a multi-client healthcare facility that I gained most of my experience in running a company from all perspectives, from start-up, financial planning, budgeting, to the art of finding and retaining quality employees.

My experience over the last 20 years has been diverse, but my true calling has been to become an entrepreneur.

ATS: During the show, you talked about the pitfalls to avoid on the resume, including using clichés and generic objectives. What are three additional thins jobseekers should avoid including on their resumes? 

Michele Unangst: The biggest mistake – the number one thing I try to relay to all of our clients – is that resumes should be accomplishment driven, meaning that most people give a biographical history, outlining their job functions.  That simply falls flat with employers. Job candidates need to start showing off their accomplishments for all of their places of employment.  Why?  It is simple – when an employer sees your resume, they can view the accomplishments and relate them to how they can use you and your achievements within their company.  You are “connecting the dots.”

It is critical that potential employers don’t assume.  So, it is your job to relate directly to them and how you can solve their problems and be an asset if hired to work at the company.  Don’t wait to do that in the interview, you may never get the chance.

ATS: In addition to Get My Mom a Job, you also started Get My Dad a Job, and Get My Vet a Job. Why is it important to you to extend your reach into those areas?

Michele Unangst: First, the reason why I separated all of the companies was to speak directly to those job seekers.  I feel that too many of the job boards are impersonal, or have “one size fits all” scenarios; that doesn’t work.  Men, women, moms, dads, and Veterans all have different wants and needs in a job and career, so why not speak directly to them? The sites are more than just jobs; it is about connections – a place where Veterans and their families can get the special attention they need and want.

The same goes for the other sites. The needs of a Veteran are going to be vastly different than that of a civilian, men and women alike.  The site and its solutions must reflect that.  The same goes with moms and dads.  The sites are set up so differently than typical sites; it is social, connecting, and solution driven.

ATS: What are some specific skill sets that every jobseeker should possess?

Michele Unangst: Without question, the ability to communicate.  Now, don’t think this is a cliché.  The ability to communicate is an art, not a science.  Communication is about persuasion.  The more persuasive we are in interviews, networking, and social media, the more successes we will have.

Jobseekers should be current, especially when it comes to using social media.  The ability to see beyond just posting pictures and the sphere of influence you can have, as a person and company, is important.  People need to remember that social media sites are the ONLY places in the world where you can communicate internationally for free.  Take advantage of it.  Understand it.  The more current in being a social media maven you are, the greater the skill set or success tools you will have.

ATS: How has your career influenced the work you do at Get My Mom a Job?

Michele Unangst: My career was a preparation for this moment in time.  I have always had a passion to “Be, Do, and Have!”  I want to be disruptive.  The more disruptive my company is, the more success other people will have.  For years, millions of people have struggled in the world of employment, yet NO company has been progressive enough or willing to make real changes to the model.  Companies (employers) have, but not employment portals.  We are forcing that change.  We are creating the solutions that will have a profound impact on families, communities, and companies for years to come.

My career, leading to this point, was to take everything I have seen and heard, and apply it.  I can craft a business and opportunity like no other, because it is the model I would use for myself.  It solves a problem.  Most companies forget their roots, and their role in solving problems for people. I have seen it firsthand.  That is what I want to do: help one woman, one mom, one man, one dad, one veteran to civilian at a time.

Connect with Get My Mom a Job

Website: www.getmymomajob.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/getmymomajob

Twitter: www.twitter.com/getmymomajob

Email: michele@getmymomajob.com

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Kesi Stribling, Editor, Ask The Strategist
Kesi Stribling, Editor, Ask The Strategist

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