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It’s a New Year, Become a New You

It’s a brand new year and of course, we all have at least one resolution – or goal – to improve something about ourselves. A new career, new adventure, new life all sound like great things for which to strive. But, how many times have you resolved to change at the start of the new year, only to fall short and neglect the promise you … Continue reading It’s a New Year, Become a New You

#WorkThroughIt: Ignite Your Career

Today begins our new blog and social media series, Work Through It Wednesday. These short, one-minute motivations feature a quote, a little insight, and three brief strategies to engage to help you work through the challenge and emerge victorious. Today’s feature: Ignite your Career Read on, or listen to the audio: The actor Gary Sinise once said: Careers, like rockets, don’t take off on schedule. … Continue reading #WorkThroughIt: Ignite Your Career

A Dream Deferred, but Not Unfulfilled

When I opened my inbox this morning, there was a shocking story. Not a doom-and-gloom article about the things that tend to keep us on edge these days. This was a shockingly wonderful story about a 91-year-old Thai woman, who after ten years of study, received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Human and Family Development from Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University this week. Because of … Continue reading A Dream Deferred, but Not Unfulfilled

Fess up, sometimes you’ve got horrible body language

We are all guilty of displaying improper and off-putting body language at some point in our careers. Whether avoiding eye contact during an interview, or impatiently tapping our fingers on the table during a management meeting, our nonverbal communication conveys a distinct impression – no matter your intended message. This week, the Business Insider published an article calling out nine nonverbal behaviors that generally turn … Continue reading Fess up, sometimes you’ve got horrible body language