A Dream Deferred, but Not Unfulfilled

When I opened my inbox this morning, there was a shocking story. Not a doom-and-gloom article about the things that tend to keep us on edge these days. This was a shockingly wonderful story about a 91-year-old Thai woman, who after ten years of study, received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Human and Family Development from Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University this week. Because of … Continue reading A Dream Deferred, but Not Unfulfilled

It’s a New Year, Become a New You

It’s a brand new year and of course, we all have at least one resolution – or goal – to improve something about ourselves. A new career, new adventure, new life all sound like great things for which to strive. But, how many times have you resolved to change at the start of the new year, only to fall short and neglect the promise you … Continue reading It’s a New Year, Become a New You

The Reasons Likeable People Succeed

I recall a rather animated conversation about ten years ago with my Sorority Sister and mentor about how much likeability has to do with success within an organizational framework. My assertion was that, yes, being liked contributed to potential success, such as being elected to leadership roles, but I also believed that a person could rise through the ranks if he or she showed acumen or potential, whether … Continue reading The Reasons Likeable People Succeed

Choosing the Right Mentor

The only way to give a good opinion is to validate it through experience.  A good opinion can be on any subject – life, art, style, politics, and projects.  But as young people, we have limited experience in any of these fields.  So look to a mentor, someone who knows the ropes, to help as a kind of unofficial coach. Recently, in class, a student … Continue reading Choosing the Right Mentor