A Dream Deferred, but Not Unfulfilled

It’s never too late to fulfill a deferred dream. Credit: CorbisCorporation

When I opened my inbox this morning, there was a shocking story. Not a doom-and-gloom article about the things that tend to keep us on edge these days. This was a shockingly wonderful story about a 91-year-old Thai woman, who after ten years of study, received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Human and Family Development from Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University this week.

Because of this outstanding accomplishment, Kimlan Jinakul was recognized with a diploma from the country’s king, a distinct honor. In an age when we complain about the amount of time it takes to spring clean, redo a resume, or wait for a meal to cook, Mrs. Jinakul shows us that the sweetest things sure do come to those who wait – and work – for it.

While I did not have to wait until my ninth decade of life to finish college, there are many dreams, from childhood until now, that I’ve had to patiently wait to materialize. Each one that came true was better for the endurance and tenacity they inspired, no matter the angst, pain, or heartbreak.

What about you? Are you willing to fulfill the dream, no matter how long it takes?

I challenge you to embrace your dreams with the same passion and fearlessness as Kimlan Jinakul. Let’s get to work!

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