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Terms of Use

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Users agree to view Content for informational and entertainment purposes only, and understand that the Ask The Strategist editor and guest bloggers share their opinions, comments on trending news items, and their own personal experiences to provide insight to subscribers and readers. Blog posts are not to be construed as a prescription for Users or a contract for services. Users are encouraged to seek advice from practitioners, outside of Ask The Strategist, to address their own concerns, issues, problems, and predicaments.

The editor/owner of Ask The Strategist will not be held responsible for Users who take any advice, suggested or intended, from any and all Content providers, including the editor, guest bloggers, sponsors, partners, and hosts.

Viruses and malware

Users agree not to purposely or unintentionally compromise the Site, including spreading viruses, Trojan horses, malware, and any other technically manipulated data and information, which could now or in the future cause the Site to crash, run slowly, malfunction, or become permanently or temporarily incapacitated.

Phishing, spamming, ghosting, and any other means to access private, financial, and protected information including, but not limited to, User passwords is strictly prohibited by the Site. Contact WordPress, web host of Ask The Strategist, for more information about their Terms of Use.

Violators who breach the Terms of Use for the Site may be held financially and legally liable.

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