Privacy Policy

Ask The Strategist respects the right to privacy by our subscribers, registered users, site visitors, commenters, and followers (“Users”). As such, we will not share, disseminate, or distribute electronically or otherwise, user information including, but not limited to, name, email address, phone number and other personally identifiable information with any partners, sponsors, clients, or any other affiliated entity, unless users have expressly asked us to do so (i.e. opt-in to third party subscriptions, contest entry, and posting private information, including social media handles and pages, when commenting on the Ask The Strategist blog or on social media sites).

The editor/owner of Ask The Strategist will not be held responsible for Users who make their own contact information known by publicly commenting or responding to a blog post, including posts endorsing programs and events Ask The Strategist sponsors, hosts, or supports.

Registered Ask The Strategist Users may deactivate their subscription at any time using the normal protocol assigned by WordPress, web host of Ask The Strategist.

Contact the site administrator with questions or concerns by using the form below.

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