#WorkThroughIt: Ignite Your Career

Today begins our new blog and social media series, #WorkThroughIt Wednesday. These short, one-minute motivations feature a quote, a little insight, and three brief strategies to engage to help you work through the challenge and emerge victorious.

Today’s feature: Ignite your Career

Read on, or listen to the audio:

The actor Gary Sinise once said:

Careers, like rockets, don’t take off on schedule. The key is to keep working on the engines.

Whether you’re a Millennial or have many years in the workplace under your belt, navigating your career can be daunting.

Should I ask for a raise? Am I being challenged in my current role? Will it be worth my while to move across the country for a new opportunity?

I’m encouraging you to work through it today by doing three things:

  • Map what’s causing your malaise or dissatisfaction
  • Decide on a course of action you’ll take
  • The most critical thing: Decide today to do one thing to work toward your goal – talk to a mentor, research salary ranges for your industry, or revamp your resume

I just want you to work through it and get those engines moving!

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