#WorkThroughIt: Ignite Your Career

Today begins our new blog and social media series, #WorkThroughIt Wednesday. These short, one-minute motivations feature a quote, a little insight, and three brief strategies to engage to help you work through the challenge and emerge victorious. Today’s feature: Ignite your Career Read on, or listen to the audio: The actor Gary Sinise once said: Careers, like rockets, don’t take off on schedule. The key … Continue reading #WorkThroughIt: Ignite Your Career

Choosing the Right Mentor

The only way to give a good opinion is to validate it through experience.  A good opinion can be on any subject – life, art, style, politics, and projects.  But as young people, we have limited experience in any of these fields.  So look to a mentor, someone who knows the ropes, to help as a kind of unofficial coach. Recently, in class, a student … Continue reading Choosing the Right Mentor

#EpicFails and #PRPraise: My Media Report for XtarTalk with Paula Goddard

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of participating in the Correspondents’ Roundtable segment on XtarTalk with Paula Goddard in Washington, DC. The correspondents shared their insight on Education (Jake Scott), Health and Wellness (Rona Oka), Law (Aderson B. Francois, Esq.), and Media and Public Relations (me!). I focused on Media and Public Relations in three specific areas: Corporate, Community, and Careers. Citing the lows (#EpicFails) and … Continue reading #EpicFails and #PRPraise: My Media Report for XtarTalk with Paula Goddard