Choosing the Right Mentor

The only way to give a good opinion is to validate it through experience.  A good opinion can be on any subject – life, art, style, politics, and projects.  But as young people, we have limited experience in any of these fields.  So look to a mentor, someone who knows the ropes, to help as a kind of unofficial coach.

Recently, in class, a student commented, “Find a professor who knows a lot about what you want to learn and ask them about it.  People love to talk about what their passions.” Even though this suggestion is one critical part of finding a mentor, it signals the bigger lesson: finding a mentor is a highly personal process. Thus, there are no set rules, no template, for doing so.

Despite the personalized approach to choosing the right mentor, there are some common denominators in what makes a good mentor:

  •  Identify someone with whom you can speak frequently
  • Select someone whose lifestyle you admire
  • Watch how they conduct themselves – remember they have experienced what you are experiencing
  • When you find someone who inspires you, look up to them.  There is no more special an experience than your relationship with your mentor.

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About the Blogger: Maddy Marshall

Maddy Marshall, Guest Blogger
Maddy Marshall, Guest Blogger

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