The 5 Things I’m Grateful for, Starting with You

Whether you are spending the day catching up on Netflix or gearing up for those Black Friday deals, I am hoping that you take a moment this Thanksgiving to let those in your life know how much you appreciate and value them.

As the saying goes, Charity Begins at Home. So…I am sharing the five things I’m tremendously thankful for this year:

1. You!

I’m extremely grateful for all of our clients, supporters, workshop participants, and our radio show audience (live and podcast). A special note of thanks to our Ask The Strategist subscribers for reading and sharing the posts. We really love it when you share your comments and feedback. Who knew that what started as Midweek Musings on MySpace more than a decade ago would grow into such a great community?

2. Freedom

I’m thankful that we are able to freely support the causes near and dear to our hearts, showcase our talents on social media or on TV, and everything in between. Freedom is truly a beautiful privilege.

I’m especially grateful for the freedom to pursue entrepreneurship. As a business coach and strategist for almost two decades, I’ve had the privilege to help others establish, grow, change and better their businesses. It is a freedom that comes with a lot of responsibility and I don’t take it lightly.

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3. Sound health

A common saying is that our health is our wealth. What a true statement! If we don’t feel well – physically, emotionally, or mentally – it impacts every facet of our lives. I’m grateful for the plentiful resources available to help us get those muscles in shape, talk about what’s depressing us, or connect us with strong individuals who have triumphed over life’s most difficult challenges.

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4. The kindness and generosity of others

We live in tough times that can often overwhelm us. This year alone, our country has experienced some of the deadliest violence in cities across the U.S. and extreme weather has impacted communities beyond belief.

There are countless stories of pain, despair, and hurt; but, there are an equal number of people who answer the call to help in the time of need. From packing food for displaced residents affected by the wildfires in California to adopting pets abandoned during severe hurricanes, people continue to show their generosity and kindness for others.

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5. The grace to recover, even when I’ve made mistakes

It is so easy to feel defeated when we make the wrong choices, or things don’t turn out as we planned. Self-doubt, depression, and thoughts of suicide may plague us. We may think that there’s no way out of a sticky situation, no hope for tomorrow.

I’m so grateful for each new day to recover from missteps, no matter how small or large. There’s always a way out of the mire.

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What are the things you’re grateful for in 2018? Leave a reply below.

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