Respect, Honor, and Valor
Respect, honor and valor…Let’s salute our Veterans every day.

It seems that we mainly highlight the courage and dedicated service of our United States military members on Veterans Day. Don’t get me wrong, it is befitting to shout out our awesome Veterans on this special day; but, wouldn’t it be great if we showed respect and honor to those who valiantly serve our country, here and abroad, each day of the year?

These men and women often abandon the comforts we take for granted for months or years at a time, leaving their families, elderly parents, and cherished friends behind. I’m challenging you to remember and reach out to a Veteran beyond this one day of celebration. Let’s respect and honor their valor for choosing to serve America.

Each year, Ask the Strategist recognizes organizations committed to helping Veterans every day. In 2018, we recognize the following three nonprofits, including VetsInTech, the first organization to appear on the list for a second time (originally spotlighted in 2013):

Code of Support Foundation/PATRIOTlink

What they do and why they matter
Founded by MG Alan B. Salisbury (Ret.), the Code of Support Foundation has a three-point focus for assisting Veterans: Case Coordination, PATRIOTlink, and Education and Engagement. Case Active and retired military members are matched with Case Coordinators, who are in regular contact with them, leading to enhanced communication about real-time needs and the ability to resolve issues more expeditiously.

PATRIOTlink is a web-based platform that allows subscribing Veterans, military members, and their families and caregivers connect with local resources for a multitude of needs: Emergency housing, childcare, disability resources, and mental healthcare. This service is offered free of charge.

The Code of Support Foundation has a number of partners to ensure that it continues to advocate for and help military members and their families, including Federal government agencies, such as the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs, as well as the Elizabeth Dole Foundation and Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation.

Location: Washington, DC

Founded: 2010

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Southwest Veterans Business Resource Center

What they do and why they matter

Host of the annual Veteran and Small Business Summit, the Southwest Veterans Business Resource Center (SWVBRC) has an emphasis on connecting Veterans to the communities in which they live and serve. Seeking to raise community awareness about best practices for helping Veterans, SWVBRC provides entrepreneurship and vocational training, and reintegration support for military members transitioning into civilian life. About an hour outside of Los Angeles, the SWBRC was founded by Albert Renteria, who is a Veteran.

The Veteran and Small Business Summit, now in its 8th year, is a free one-day conference held in Moreno Valley, CA to

Location: Perris, CA

Founded: 2008

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What they do and why they matter

With a focus on the 3 Es – Education, Entrepreneurship and Employment – VetsInTech connects active and retired military members with opportunities in technology. Based in San Francisco, the organization has several local chapters across the United States, including Arizona, North Carolina, New York, and Texas. VetsInTech hosts several programs each year, including coding sessions, career workshops, networking events, and career fairs.

In addition to training and mentoring programs, VetsInTech posts technology jobs on its website for active and retired military service members.

High profile sponsors and partners include Comcast, LinkedIn, and Salesforce and Amazon. Founded by Katherine Webster, its Board of Directors include Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist and Kevin Heneghan, Senior Counsel at AIRBNB.

Location: San Francisco, CA

Founded: 2010

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