Staying Productive While You’re Snowed-In

Many of us along the Eastern seaboard – and in areas across the country – are stuck inside after record-breaking snow, resulting in slick streets, icy roads, and general weather yuckiness. Sure, we would like to go out and make snow angels with the kids, or catch up on some guilty pleasure TV (cue the Housewives of whatever city), but the truth of the matter … Continue reading Staying Productive While You’re Snowed-In

The Power of No

Last week, Dr. Oz had a physician, Dr. Sue Varma, on his show who detailed the health challenges that befall certain personality types (What does your personality reveal about your health?). For example, Type C folks often bottle up their feelings, and potentially shave years off their lives because they refuse to say no to others because they want to please them. Saying yes to … Continue reading The Power of No

Four Crucial Factors in Getting a Job

When it comes to getting an internship or a job, don’t rely on others to get you there. I hear it on campus all the time: “The career center isn’t helpful at all.” “Nobody’s really interested in helping me.” “The right support systems aren’t in place.” Often, it seems as though paying college tuition and getting the diploma are legitimate reasons to have a job … Continue reading Four Crucial Factors in Getting a Job