Labor and Leave It

Today, on Labor Day, most of us will spend time with loved ones and friends. Despite the celebration on this Federal holiday, I can’t help but wonder how many of us are quietly and sneakily checking emails, preparing reports for work tomorrow, or thinking about all of the things on our to-do lists even as we’re barbecuing in the backyard.

I often tell the story of the two times in my life that I “hit a wall” – was overworked, overcommitted, and unaware of the toll it took on me – when speaking to young people or new start-up owners.

Thankfully, I’ve not been at that low point since. A strong commitment to saying no when I need to (see our post, The Power of No) and balancing my life have steadied and guided me. Sometimes there is an extra demand and I do what’s needed in that moment; however, as a general rule, I set work boundaries and am unplugged on weekends. It has been liberating.

In a society that praises working without ceasing, it is tough for people to decline the additional responsibilities and unreasonable work hours, much less taking a regular vacation.

The point of sharing my story is to remind you that when you have labored, leave it behind and focus on the other areas of your life that bring you joy and pleasure, whether spending time with family and friends, volunteering in your community, or doing absolutely nothing.

To me, that’s the best kind of celebration.

About the Author: Kesi Stribling

Editor, Ask The Strategist

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