Decide. Vote. Exhale.

by Kesi Stribling, ATS Editor @KesiStribling

This election cycle has been as intense, unpredictable, and bewildering as the rest of 2020. Despite the fears and frustrations, we must stay the course and exercise the privilege of voting.

Decide and Vote

While the main focus has been on the Presidential candidates, it is just as important to know your local nominees for office – from the court systems to the school board. If you’ve voted already…awesome! If you’re casting your ballot in person today, November 3rd, consider these questions before you do:

  • Do your local candidates support business, community, and education issues of concern to you over the next decade? Your vote can impact decisions that impact you and your families for years to come.
  • Have you read, in detail, the implications of voting for or against bylaws and charter amendments, or any other proposed changes locally or statewide? Checking out multiple view points, including those you don’t agree with, can help expose issues and considerations you haven’t even thought about, and assist in final decision-making.
  • Have you talked to fellow business owners, your employees, community leaders, your fellow congregation members, and your neighbors about the questions on the ballots? Gaining perspective on how the same issues have potentially different outcomes can help you make a more balanced decision about your vote on proposed local, county, or state changes.

Once you decide the candidates and issues you support, vote! Cast your ballot with pleasure because you’ve exercised the privilege that other nations don’t have.

No matter whom you vote for this election, you’ve participated, and that’s something to be proud of in 2020. #AskTheStrategist

Finally, Exhale

It’s tempting to worry and mull over the potential outcomes, but obsessing over the results won’t do anyone any good – your employees, co-workers, family, and friends. I’m encouraging you to consider three things I’ve been doing this year to keep calm in the chaos:

  • Celebrate yourself! You’ve considered the issues, voted your conscience, and participated in our nation’s democratic process. Create your personalized chill station on iHeartRadio, eat that cupcake, leave work a little early, or take in a relaxing movie or show on your favorite streaming service.

How are you celebrating your vote today? Let us know in the comment section or join the conversation on social media using #AskTheStrategist.

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