#WorkThroughIt: Ignite Your Career

Today begins our new blog and social media series, Work Through It Wednesday. These short, one-minute motivations feature a quote, a little insight, and three brief strategies to engage to help you work through the challenge and emerge victorious. Today’s feature: Ignite your Career Read on, or listen to the audio: The actor Gary Sinise once said: Careers, like rockets, don’t take off on schedule. … Continue reading #WorkThroughIt: Ignite Your Career

Staying Productive While You’re Snowed-In

Many of us along the Eastern seaboard – and in areas across the country – are stuck inside after record-breaking snow, resulting in slick streets, icy roads, and general weather yuckiness. Sure, we would like to go out and make snow angels with the kids, or catch up on some guilty pleasure TV (cue the Housewives of whatever city), but the truth of the matter … Continue reading Staying Productive While You’re Snowed-In

The Rules of Civility

In an era of seemingly uncivil people (cue any¬†Real Housewives franchise slap¬†fest), I recently stumbled upon Rules of Civility: The 110 Precepts That Guided Our First President in War and Peace, edited by Richard Brookhiser. Originally published in 1997, with a healthy update from Brookhiser in 2003, Rules of Civility pre-empted the onslaught of reality television, and stories of soccer moms behaving badly on the … Continue reading The Rules of Civility