Make Someone Else’s Independence Day

Make Someone Else’s Independence Day

Today, Americans celebrate July 4th by remembering those who fought for our country’s independence almost 250 years ago, while likely enjoying great conversation and food with friends and family.

Over the years, our Independence Day blog posts have focused on strategies we can use to foster and promote our own independence, including career tips, enhancing networking skills, building generational wealth, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. This year, we are shaking things up a bit and asking our readers and subscribers to support others’ independence today…and everyday.

There’s nothing like personal independence and freedom.

Five things you can do for others

1. Refer a friend
Have a friend looking for a new career opportunity? Consider referring you best buddy for a position that would be a great fit. Whether sending a note to a LinkedIn connection, providing a professional recommendation, or sending the resume to your company’s recruiter, your supportive gesture can propel your friend’s career growth.

2. Help with household chores
Americans are busy, busy, busy! Helping with a chore or two, like yardwork or boxing up items for donation, can save loved ones and acquaintances time and energy. Whether a single parent or someone who travels incessantly for work, the assistance will be appreciated.

3. Offer a shoulder
Sometimes, our friends or family members would just like to have someone to talk to when going through stressful or constraining situations. Offer to listen – no interrupting, judging, or solving problems – so they can unburden themselves. This simple act can help them stay calm, gain perspective, and begin a plan of action.

4. Pamper a pet
If your colleague or family member desperately needs a vacation to decompress, but won’t go because their furry friends need care, volunteer to take the dog or cat so he can take the welcomed getaway. For friends traveling briefly, such as an overnight business trip, offer to check in on, feed, or walk their pet companions.

5. Gas up the car or get the groceries
Friends going through financial challenges or in career transition may welcome an offer to gas up the car or send groceries for the week. Some people can get prickly about receiving financial support, so assess the situation first to gauge how the offer will be received. It may be better to order groceries online and have them delivered, or tuck a gift card in an envelope and mail it anonymously.

Have an idea to support someone else’s independence? Let us know by leaving a reply.

Happy Independence Day!

About the Author: Kesi Stribling

Editor, Ask The Strategist

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