Choosing the Right Mentor

The only way to give a good opinion is to validate it through experience.  A good opinion can be on any subject – life, art, style, politics, and projects.  But as young people, we have limited experience in any of these fields.  So look to a mentor, someone who knows the ropes, to help as a kind of unofficial coach. Recently, in class, a student … Continue reading Choosing the Right Mentor

Four Crucial Factors in Getting a Job

When it comes to getting an internship or a job, don’t rely on others to get you there. I hear it on campus all the time: “The career center isn’t helpful at all.” “Nobody’s really interested in helping me.” “The right support systems aren’t in place.” Often, it seems as though paying college tuition and getting the diploma are legitimate reasons to have a job … Continue reading Four Crucial Factors in Getting a Job

The Strategy Sessions: Top Shows of 2013

Since launching The Strategy Sessions in its original incarnation in 2004, and its current format on Blog Talk Radio in 2009, we have had a cadre of stellar leaders in business, entrepreneurship, health, travel, careers, and women’s issues share their strategies with our listeners. Last year, Blog Talk Radio took notice and now we are one of 300 featured show hosts on their network of … Continue reading The Strategy Sessions: Top Shows of 2013